DnD 5e Aasimar Guide: The Radiant Descendants

Aasimar is a celestial being in DnD 5e with a mixed heritage of humans and celestial entities, such as angels or other benevolent beings. They possess a divine spark within them, manifesting in their appearance and abilities.

Aasimar is often revered and considered blessed by the societies they inhabit. The origins of Aasimar can vary depending on the setting or mythology.

In some worlds, they are born from the union of a mortal and a celestial being, while in others, they may be chosen by the celestial realm to fulfill a specific purpose.

Regardless of their origins, Aasimar often faces unique challenges as they navigate the mortal world, balancing their celestial nature with their human experiences and responsibilities.

Aasimar Ancestry

Aasimar usually possesses physical features that hint at their celestial heritage, such as radiant or glowing skin, luminous eyes, or a radiant aura. They may also exhibit otherworldly abilities, such as the ability to heal or smite enemies with radiant energy.

In many game settings, Aasimar is portrayed as a champion of good and justice. They often have a natural inclination towards acts of kindness, protection, and fighting against evil forces.

Aasimar characters are commonly associated with classes like paladins, clerics, or sorcerers, where they can utilize their divine powers to aid their allies and vanquish their foes.

The specific traits and abilities of Aasimar can vary depending on the game system or lore of the setting in which they appear. Some game systems provide different subtypes of Aasimar, each associated with a particular celestial being or domain of power.

Aasimar Subraces in DnD 5e

Here are some common subraces of Aasimar, along with their distinctive traits and abilities:

Deva Aasimar

Descended from celestial beings directly connected to the gods, Deva Aasimar is blessed with an otherworldly presence. They often possess metallic or opalescent skin tones that shimmer with celestial light.

Deva Aasimar has an innate understanding of divine magic, granting them bonuses to their Wisdom and Charisma ability scores. They can tap into their celestial energy to heal themselves or others, mending wounds and curing ailments.

Additionally, they exhibit resistance to radiant and necrotic damage, further reflecting their celestial lineage.

Protector Aasimar

Guided by a celestial being with a protective nature, Protector Aasimar embodies guardianship and watchfulness. They develop majestic feathered wings that grant them the ability to fly, allowing them to soar above their allies and foes alike.

Protector Aasimar radiates a luminous, radiant aura that can empower and inspire their allies, providing a boon in times of need. Their inherent connection to celestial powers manifests in bonuses to their Strength and Wisdom ability scores.

Furthermore, they can unleash their inner divine energy to enhance their attacks, imbuing them with celestial might.

Scourge Aasimar

Marked by the intense inner light that burns within them, Scourge Aasimar is both a source of illumination and devastation.

Their celestial heritage manifests in a radiant aura that surrounds them, but unlike other Aasimar, this light can be overwhelming, causing harm to both themselves and nearby enemies.

Scourge Aasimar gain bonuses to their Constitution and Charisma ability scores, reflecting their resilience and force of personality. They can tap into their radiant energy to unleash a powerful explosion, damaging enemies within their vicinity.

Additionally, they possess resistance to radiant and necrotic damage and gain temporary hit points when they activate their radiant consumption.

Fallen Aasimar

Descended from celestial beings who have fallen from grace, Fallen Aasimar carries an aura of darkness and inner conflict. Their appearance is often more ominous, with dark wings and a shadowy aura that hints at their troubled nature.Protector Aasimar

Fallen Aasimar embraces their darker inclinations and can tap into necrotic energy, channeling it for various purposes. They gain bonuses to their Strength and Charisma ability scores, representing their physical and persuasive prowess.

By summoning their necrotic energy, they can deal additional damage to their foes, harnessing the power of their fallen heritage.

Aasimar and Other Races

Aasimar can interact and coexist with various other races in the world of DnD 5e. Their celestial heritage and unique characteristics can lead to diverse relationships and intriguing dynamics. Here are some common interactions between Aasimar and other races:

  • Humans: Aasimar and humans often share close ties, as Aasimar can be born into human families. They may have a strong bond with their human relatives, who may view them as a source of pride or as chosen champions of their lineage.
  • Elves: Aasimar and elves may find common ground in their appreciation for beauty, magic, and the natural world. Elves may be fascinated by the celestial aspect of Aasimar and seek to understand their connection to the divine.
  • Dwarves: Aasimar and dwarves may have a respectful relationship based on their shared dedication to honor, craftsmanship, and tradition. Dwarves may regard Aasimar with a mix of curiosity and admiration due to their celestial heritage.
  • Tieflings: Aasimar and Tieflings, being celestial and infernal descendants respectively, may have an inherent tension between them. However, individual relationships can vary greatly, ranging from open hostility to attempts at understanding and reconciliation.
  • Dragonborn: Aasimar and Dragonborn may have mutual respect for their inherent powers and noble lineages. They may recognize each other’s divine or draconic origins, fostering a bond of kinship and shared purpose.
  • Half-Elves and Half-Orcs: Aasimar may find common ground with half-elves and half-orcs due to their mixed heritage. They may share experiences of being caught between two worlds and navigating the complexities of their dual nature.
  • Gnomes and Halflings: Aasimar and smaller races like gnomes and halflings may foster friendships based on their shared appreciation for joy, curiosity, and the wonders of the world. Aasimar may find solace in the lightheartedness and optimism of these races.

Subclass Options in DnD 5e

Aasimar characters often have a variety of subclass options to further customize their abilities and playstyle. Here are some common subclass options for Aasimar characters:

Radiant Soul

The Radiant Soul subclass delves into Aasimar’s inherent connection to radiant energy. Aasimar who choose this subclass can tap into their celestial heritage to unleash more potent radiant damage or enhance their healing abilities.

They may gain access to additional celestial-themed spells or powers, allowing them to channel the radiant energy of their ancestry in unique ways.

This subclass often provides resistance or immunity to specific types of damage, further reflecting the Aasimar’s celestial nature and granting them increased resilience against certain threats.

Avenging Angel

The Avenging Angel subclass caters to Aasimar characters with a strong focus on combat and justice. Aasimar who follow this path gains angelic wings, empowering them with the ability to take flight and maneuver with grace in battle.

Avenging Angel

This subclass provides combat-oriented abilities, such as improved smiting capabilities or bonus damage against evil creatures.

Additionally, Aasimar with this subclass may possess the ability to call upon divine wrath, unleashing devastating attacks imbued with celestial power against their enemies.

Celestial Guide

The Celestial Guide subclass emphasizes Aasimar’s role as a guiding light and protector of others. Aasimar who choose this path is bestowed with abilities focused on support and healing.

They gain the means to aid their allies in times of need, providing healing and protective effects. This subclass often grants bonuses to skills related to guidance, inspiration, and mentorship.

Additionally, Aasimar with the Celestial Guide subclass may possess unique abilities that enhance their capacity to offer protection or grant temporary hit points to their allies, further solidifying their role as a beacon of hope and aid.

Divine Channeler

The Divine Channeler subclass delves deep into Aasimar’s connection to divine magic and the channeling of celestial energy. Aasimar who pursue this path expands their spellcasting abilities, gaining access to a wider range of divine spells.

This subclass often provides bonuses to spellcasting, increasing the Aasimar’s effectiveness when wielding divine magic. They may also gain unique abilities that allow them to call upon celestial assistance or banish dark entities with the power of their heritage.

The Divine Channeler subclass enables Aasimar characters to fully embrace and manifest the celestial energy flowing through their veins.

Best Classes for Aasimar in DnD 5e

These classes offer excellent opportunities for Aasimar characters to explore their celestial heritage, wield radiant powers, and make a significant impact on the world of DnD 5e.


Aasimar makes exceptional Paladins due to their natural affinity for celestial themes and their connection to divine energy.

The Aasimar’s radiant soul ability, which allows them to deal additional radiant damage, synergizes perfectly with the Paladin’s smite abilities, enhancing their already formidable combat prowess.


With their inherent celestial lineage, Aasimar is well-suited for the Cleric class. Their divine heritage enhances their connection to the gods, making them potent channels for divine magic.


Aasimar Clerics can tap into their celestial powers to heal and protect their allies, while also wielding potent offensive spells against their foes.

The Aasimar’s radiant soul ability can amplify their healing or damage-dealing capabilities, allowing them to be versatile supporters or formidable adversaries on the battlefield.


Aasimar can also excel as Sorcerers, tapping into their celestial lineage to wield powerful arcane magic. Their radiant soul ability enhances their spellcasting, allowing them to unleash devastating radiant spells or infuse their spells with celestial energy.

The Aasimar’s resistance to radiant damage provides them with additional survivability, especially against enemies that employ radiant-based attacks.

Aasimar Sorcerers can embody the duality of their celestial and arcane heritage, using their innate magic to shape the world according to their will and to bring forth light in the darkest of places.

Aasimar Characteristics

Here are some common characteristics associated with Aasimar in DnD 5e:

Radiant Appearance

Aasimar possesses a distinct and radiant appearance. They often have luminous eyes, glowing or slightly iridescent skin, and a subtle aura of celestial light that emanates from their bodies. Their presence is often described as ethereal, captivating, and imbued with other worldly beauty.

Celestial Lineage

Aasimar is descended from celestial beings, such as angels, deities, or other celestial entities. This heritage gives them a connection to the divine and grants them unique abilities and traits.

Alignment and Virtues

Aasimar tends to have a strong inclination toward goodness and is commonly associated with virtues such as compassion, justice, and righteousness. They often strive to bring light, hope, and harmony to the world around them.

Inner Light

Aasimar has an internal source of radiant energy, referred to as their “inner light.” This inner light manifests in various ways, including glowing eyes, a soft radiant glow, or even small motes of light that dance around them.

Resistance to Radiant and Necrotic Damage

Due to their celestial heritage, Aasimar has a natural resistance or immunity to radiant and necrotic damage. This resistance reflects their connection to celestial and divine forces and grants them enhanced durability against attacks associated with such energies.

Celestial Gifts

Aasimar often possesses unique celestial gifts and abilities. These can include the power to heal wounds, cast radiant spells, emit radiant energy to blind foes, or even sprout luminous wings that enable them to fly temporarily.

Unique Feats for Aasimar

Celestial Resistance: This feat enhances Aasimar’s innate resistance to radiant and necrotic damage, providing additional benefits such as an advantage on saving throws against spells and effects that deal with radiant or necrotic damage.

Radiant Wings: Aasimar characters with this feat gain the ability to manifest radiant wings. It grants them limited flight or gliding capabilities. This feat enhances their mobility and allows them to navigate the battlefield with grace.

Divine Heritage: This feat unlocks deeper connections to the celestial realm. Grant the Aasimar access to a wider range of celestial-themed spells, abilities, or unique powers that reflect their divine lineage.

Guiding Light: Aasimar characters with this feat can project a guiding light that provides a bonus to allies’ attack rolls or saving throws within a certain radius, symbolizing their role as beacons of hope and inspiration.

Homebrew and Variant Rules

When it comes to homebrew and variant rules for Aasimar characters in DnD 5e, there are a few options to consider:

Custom Subraces: Create unique Aasimar subraces with different traits, abilities, and features tied to their celestial lineage.

Expanded Celestial Gifts: Introduce additional powers and abilities for Aasimar characters, such as the ability to emit radiant energy or summon celestial allies.

Variant Origins: Offer different origins or backgrounds for Aasimar characters, reflecting specific celestial entities or patrons.

Alignment Variations: Allow for Aasimar characters with alignments beyond just goodness, providing opportunities for diverse moral compasses and character development.


Aasimar is a celestial being in DnD 5e who possesses radiant qualities but cannot fly by default. This design choice maintains game balance and prevents any race from having an overwhelming advantage.

While Aasimar does not possess innate flight abilities. Their celestial lineage, unique traits, and alignment toward goodness make their captivating characters.

Through customization options, such as subraces or class features. Players can explore the possibility of flight for their Aasimar characters, adding an extra layer of individuality and storytelling potential to their gameplay experience.

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