Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF

Here we are providing you the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion in both the hardcover and pdf file format. Wizards RPG Team is the main author and publisher of this book. This is the adventure module for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

This adventure is also known as the Princes of the Apocalypse, this will reach the forgotten realms because of its presented threat of Elemental Evil. In the epic campaign, you will have the access to the new and different options for player characters.

In this game, the characters are not evil but they can master that using malevolent and benign intentions. The player companion provides every option that is needed by the player for the player development and provides that to the Elemental Evil storyline.

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Content of Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF

Content of Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF

Book Details

Book NameElemental Evil Player's Companion
AuthorsWizards RPG Team

Publication Date16 April, 2015
Total Pages255
AudienceNew & experienced Dungeon Masters
Role PlayerDungeons & Dragons
Book FormatPDF & Hardcover

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FAQS! (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Level Is Princes of The Apocalypse?

In this you will find the epic adventure for different characters at different levels from 1-15 also with that you will find the new elemental spells.

How Many Players Is Princes of The Apocalypse?

In this, there can be a max of 4 to 5 players.

Where Does Princes of The Apocalypse Take Place?

The story of this book is based in the Forgotten Realms, specifically over the Sumber Hills region of the Dessarin Valley, which is highly populated that contains a rich history.

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