Flaming Sphere 5e Comprehensive Guide

Flaming Sphere is a spell in the DnD 5e a tabletop role-playing game. A conjuration spell allows a player character (PC) to summon a large, rolling sphere of fire.

The caster can direct the sphere and deals fire damage to creatures that come into contact with it. The spell creates an imposing and visually striking effect, as a ball of fire moves across the battlefield, causing havoc and burning enemies in its path.

Role of Flaming Sphere 5e

In DnD 5e, Flaming Sphere is classified as a 2nd-level conjuration spell. It has a range of 60 feet and requires concentration to maintain. When cast, the PC summons a 5-foot diameter sphere of fire in an unoccupied space of their choosing within range.

As a bonus action on subsequent turns, the caster can move the sphere up to 30 feet in any direction.

The Flaming Sphere’s primary role is to deal damage to enemies. Any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of the sphere or moves into that space takes 2d6 fire damage, with the possibility of a saving throw to reduce the damage.

This effect can be especially effective against multiple enemies or tightly clustered foes, as it allows for area-of-effect damage without sacrificing the caster’s action economy.

Additionally, the sphere can be used strategically for control on the battlefield. The caster can manipulate the sphere’s movement to block paths, force enemies to move away from certain areas or corral them into specific locations.

The sphere’s ability to ignite flammable objects and create a zone of threat can also be utilized creatively, such as to set fire to barricades or create a barrier of flames that enemies are hesitant to cross.

Spell Level and Casting Time

Flaming Sphere is a 2nd-level spell in D&D 5e. This means that a character must be at least a 3rd-level spellcaster, such as a 3rd-level wizard or sorcerer, to have access to this spell.

The casting time for Flaming Sphere is 1 action, which means it takes full action for the character to cast the spell and bring the sphere of fire into existence.

Range and Duration

The range of a Flaming Sphere is 60 feet. This means the caster can summon the sphere in an unoccupied space within 60 feet of them. The sphere then becomes a point of origin for its subsequent movement and damage.

The duration of the spell is up to 1 minute, which is equivalent to 10 rounds of combat. During this time, the sphere remains in existence and can be controlled by the caster using their bonus action on subsequent turns.

Area of Effect and Damage

The Flaming Sphere has a 5-foot diameter, and any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of the sphere or moves into that space takes damage. The spell specifies that the damage is 2d6 fire damage.

Spell Level and Casting Time

This means that the target must make a saving throw to potentially reduce the damage taken. The specific saving throw and the DC (difficulty class) for the saving throw are determined by the caster’s spellcasting ability.


Flaming Sphere requires concentration to maintain. This means that while concentrating on the spell, the caster cannot concentrate on any other spell simultaneously.

Additionally, if the caster takes damage while concentrating on Flaming Sphere, they must succeed on a concentration saving throw to maintain the spell. Failing the saving throw would cause the spell to end prematurely.

The caster can sustain the spell and continue controlling the sphere on subsequent turns by using their bonus action. With each bonus action, the caster can move the sphere up to 30 feet in any direction they choose.

This allows the caster to strategically position the sphere to maximize its damage potential or control the battlefield.

Summoning the Sphere

To summon a Flaming Sphere in DnD 5e, a caster must use their action to cast the spell. They choose an unoccupied space within 60 feet of themselves as the point where the sphere appears.

The sphere is initially stationary when summoned, and its position determines the point of origin for its subsequent movement and damage.

Controlling the Sphere’s Movement

After summoning the Flaming Sphere, a caster can control its movement using its bonus action on subsequent turns. With each bonus action, the caster can move the sphere up to 30 feet in any direction they choose.

The sphere can roll over uneven terrain, and it can move vertically up or down by climbing or descending stairs, slopes, or similar obstacles.

The caster has full control over the sphere’s movement within the range and limitations described by the spell. This control allows the caster to position the sphere strategically, targeting enemies, blocking paths, or creating obstacles on the battlefield.

Utilizing the Sphere’s Abilities

Flaming Sphere possesses several abilities that a caster can utilize effectively:

Damage Over Time

Any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of the Flaming Sphere or moves into that space takes 2d6 fire damage. This damage can be significant, especially against multiple enemies or those that remain within the sphere’s vicinity for extended periods.

The caster can utilize the sphere’s ability to deal consistent damage to weaken or defeat its foes.

Area Denial and Crowd Control

The sphere’s presence on the battlefield can deter enemies from approaching or staying within its area of effect. Creatures might be hesitant to willingly move through or remain adjacent to the flaming sphere, creating a zone that limits enemy movement and positioning.

Utilizing the Sphere’s Abilities

This can be advantageous for controlling the flow of battle and protecting allies.

Environmental Interactions

The sphere’s fire can ignite flammable objects that are not being worn or carried. This feature opens up opportunities for creative solutions.

For example, the caster might use the sphere to set ablaze a wooden barricade, block an enemy’s escape route, or create hazardous terrain by igniting oil spills or other combustible substances.

Synergies with Other Spells

The Flaming Sphere can synergize with other spells or abilities to enhance its effectiveness. Combining it with spells like Grease or Entangle can make it more difficult for enemies to avoid the sphere’s damaging area.

Cooperation with allies who possess crowd control or forced movement abilities can also maximize the sphere’s potential by forcing enemies into its path.

Feats Complement Flaming Sphere

Spell Sniper: This feat extends the range of your spells, including Flaming Sphere, allowing you to cast it from a greater distance and control the battlefield from afar.

Elemental Adept: This feat lets you bypass fire resistance, ensuring that your Flaming Sphere’s damage is not mitigated by resistant enemies.

Empowered Evocation: If you are a Wizard, this ability increases the damage of your evocation spells, including Flaming Sphere. It enhances the sphere’s effectiveness by boosting its damage output.

Metamagic: If you are a Sorcerer, certain meta-magic options can enhance Flaming Sphere. For example, the Empowered Spell metamagic allows you to reroll damage dice, potentially maximizing the sphere’s damage output.

Sculpt Spells: This feature allows you to protect your allies from the damage caused by Flaming Spheres. You can selectively exclude them from the sphere’s area of effect, making it easier to use the spell without risking a friendly fire.

Advanced Strategies for Flaming Sphere

Here are some advanced strategies for utilizing Flaming Sphere 5e in combat:

Tactical Placement of the Sphere

When strategically placing the Flaming Sphere, consider the battlefield’s layout and potential enemy movements. Chokepoints and entrances are excellent locations, as the sphere can restrict enemy movement and force them to take damage when passing through.

By blocking off one side of the battlefield, you can create opportunities for your allies to flank the enemy and gain an advantageous position for attacks.

Positioning the sphere to encourage enemy clustering maximizes its damage potential, especially when combined with other area-of-effect spells. Additionally, using the sphere to cut off escape routes or cover vulnerable areas can provide a tactical advantage.

Sphere with Terrain and Obstacles

Incorporating the Flaming Sphere with the surrounding terrain and obstacles amplifies its effectiveness. Identify flammable objects or environmental hazards near the sphere and ignite them using the sphere’s fire damage or other spells.

This creates a cascading effect of damage or dangerous zones that enemies must navigate, increasing the overall impact of the spell. Placing the sphere strategically to obstruct enemy movement can force them to take longer routes, exposing them to attacks from your party.

Collaborate with spellcasters in your group to create difficult terrains, such as entangling plants or magical effects, and position the sphere within these areas to increase the chances of enemies ending their turn near it.

Coordination with Allies

Effective teamwork and coordination with allies are essential for maximizing the potential of Flaming Sphere. Communication is key, as it allows you to inform your allies about your plans, the sphere’s movement pattern, and potential areas of danger.

Coordinate with allies who possess abilities that manipulate enemy movement, such as stunning strikes or forced movement spells.

By synchronizing the sphere’s movement with these abilities, you can create opportunities for enemies to collide with the sphere or end their turn within its damaging range.

Collaboration with allies who have area control spells or abilities is also crucial. Position the sphere near their control zones to take advantage of enemies being forced into its area of effect.

Lastly, coordinate with allies who excel at flanking or ambush tactics. Position the sphere strategically to force enemies to expose their backs to your allies, allowing for devastating attacks.

Combination with Other Spells

These spell combinations can enhance the effectiveness of Flaming Sphere, making it an even more potent and versatile spell in combat.


By casting Grease on the ground near the Flaming Sphere, you can create difficult terrain that forces enemies to make Dexterity saving throws or fall prone. This increases the likelihood of them ending their turn within the sphere’s area, triggering additional damage.


Combining Flaming Sphere with Web can create a devastating combination. Casting the Web on an area, and then moving the Flaming Sphere into that area, sets the Web ablaze.

Combination with Other Spells

Enemies caught in the burning web take damage from both the sphere and the burning web, potentially doubling their harm.

Control Spells

Combining Flaming Sphere with control spells such as Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Hold Person, or Hypnotic Pattern can increase the chances of enemies staying within the sphere’s area of effect.

These spells can incapacitate or restrict the movement of enemies, making it easier to position the sphere for maximum damage.

Wall of Fire

By casting Wall of Fire in conjunction with Flaming Sphere, you can create a zone of intense fire. The sphere can move along the wall, causing damage to enemies on contact, while the wall itself serves as an additional obstacle and source of damage.

Magical Items to Amplify Flaming Sphere

These magical items can enhance the effectiveness of Flaming Sphere, making it an even more potent and versatile spell in combat. Experimenting with different combinations can lead to creative and devastating strategies on the battlefield.

The staff of Fire: This magical staff can grant additional charges to Flaming Sphere, allowing you to cast the spell more frequently or with increased potency.

Ring of Spell Storing: With this ring, you can store Flaming Sphere or other complementary spells, allowing you to cast them later without expending spell slots. This provides additional flexibility and options in combat.

Robe of the Archmagi: Wearing this robe enhances your spellcasting abilities, potentially increasing the damage or range of your Flaming Sphere spell.

Elemental Gem: An Elemental Gem, specifically the Fire Elemental Gem, can summon a fire elemental that can work in tandem with your Flaming Sphere, adding an extra source of fire damage and creating a formidable combination.

Flaming Sphere Variants

Flaming Sphere is a versatile spell in DnD 5e that can be customized and expanded upon through variants and homebrew options. Here are some ideas for variants and homebrew options for Flaming Sphere:

Elemental Variants

Instead of a fire-based Flaming Sphere, you can create variants that utilize other elements. For example, a Frost Sphere could deal cold damage, slow enemy movement, and create icy terrain.

A Thunder Sphere could generate thunderous blasts, causing damage and potentially stunning enemies. These variants allow for different tactical approaches and can be tailored to specific environments or character themes.

Size Alterations

Consider introducing different sizes for the Flaming Sphere. A larger sphere may deal increased damage or have an extended range, but it could also require more concentration or have a higher spell level.

Conversely, a smaller sphere could be more maneuverable or easier to sustain, but with reduced damage output. Experimenting with different sizes allows players to customize the spell’s mechanics to suit their playstyle.

Elemental Fusion

Combine Flaming Sphere with other elemental spells to create fusion spells. For example, merging Flaming Sphere with a Wall of Ice spell could create a swirling sphere of fire encased in ice, dealing both fire and cold damage.

These fusion spells add variety and complexity to the game, giving spellcasters unique options for their magical arsenal.

Environmental Interactions

Explore homebrew options that allow Flaming Sphere to interact with the environment in unique ways. For instance, the sphere could ignite oil spills, causing fiery explosions, or create gusts of wind that spread the flames across flammable objects.

These interactions encourage creative problem-solving and provide opportunities for dynamic and memorable encounters.

Enhanced Control

Introduce homebrew options that grant additional control over the Flaming Sphere. For example, allowing the caster to change the sphere’s direction as a bonus action, or giving the ability to choose different movement patterns (e.g., zigzag, circular) each round.

Enhanced control options provide players with more strategic choices and make the spell even more versatile.

Limitations of Flaming Sphere

While Flaming Sphere is a potent spell in DnD 5e, it does have certain limitations. Understanding these limitations is crucial for effectively utilizing the spell. Here are some limitations of Flaming Sphere:

Concentration Requirement

Flaming Sphere requires concentration to sustain. This means that the caster must focus their attention on maintaining the spell, limiting their ability to concentrate on other spells or abilities simultaneously.

Any interruption or damage that causes the caster to lose concentration will end the spell prematurely.

Limited Area of Effect

The sphere’s area of effect is relatively small, typically with a 5-foot radius. While it can deal damage to any creature within its range, it may not affect larger groups of enemies or cover expansive areas.

It’s important to consider the positioning and movement of enemies to maximize the spell’s impact.

Limited Damage Potential

Flaming Sphere’s damage output is not as high as some other spells of similar level. It deals moderate fire damage on a failed saving throw, which may not be enough to incapacitate or eliminate tougher enemies.

Additionally, creatures with fire resistance or immunity will be less affected by the spell.

Limited Control over Sphere Movement

The caster can only move the sphere as a bonus action on its turn, and it can only move in a straight line. This limitation restricts the caster’s ability to precisely control the sphere’s path or target specific enemies.

It requires careful planning and positioning to make the most of the spell’s movement.

Vulnerability to Extinguishing

Flaming Sphere is vulnerable to effects that can extinguish flames. Spells like Control Water or Gust of Wind, as well as environmental factors like heavy rain, can potentially extinguish the sphere, ending its effects prematurely.

Limited Duration

Flaming Sphere’s duration is limited, typically lasting up to 1 minute. Once the duration expires, the spell ends and the sphere dissipates. This can restrict the spell’s usefulness in prolonged encounters or battles.

Line of Sight and Obstacles

The caster must maintain a line of sight to move the Flaming Sphere, and obstacles that block vision can hinder their control over the spell’s movement.

This limitation may require the caster to reposition themselves or find ways to maintain visual contact with the sphere.


Flaming Sphere in D&D 5e is a versatile spell that allows spellcasters to control the battlefield, deal fire damage, and restrict enemy movement.

By strategically placing the sphere, combining it with terrain, and coordinating with allies, players can maximize its effectiveness. However, the spell has limitations, such as concentration requirements and a limited area of effect.

Despite these limitations, Flaming Sphere remains a popular choice due to its flexibility and tactical possibilities, making it a valuable asset in combat encounters.

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