Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica PDF

Presenting here the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica that is known as the sourcebook that contains the detail of the Ravnica campaign setting that also for the 5th edition of the fantasy role-playing game by Dungeons & Dragons that was released in November 2018.

The world of Ravnica first appeared in the card set Ravnica: City of Guilds and it was originally created for Magic: The Gathering collectible card game that was first released in 2005.

This is the magic world that is filled with the loose Slavic flavor and in that, it contains only a single city that spans the entire planet and that is totally under the control of ten competing guilds of different ideologies.

This guide is based on a 256-page campaign and it is known to be the adventure guide for the Ravnica set, which is taken from the Magic: The Gathering that is the collectible card game.

Content of Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica

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Content of Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica

Book Details

Book NameGuildmasters Guide to Ravnica
AuthorsWizards RPG Team
Publication DateNovember 20, 2018
Total Pages256
AudienceDungeon Masters, Experienced Players
Role PlayerD&D/Magic: The Gathering Adventure Book and Campaign Setting
Book FormatPDF & Hardcover

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FAQS! (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Does Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica Add?

In this Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, you can contain the five new and separate races straight out of Magic lore. You can easily create centaur, loxodon, minotaur, simic hybrid, and vedalken for your own Ravnica setting

Is Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica Official?

This Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica is totally the official product same as all other 5th edition supplements.

What Races Are in Ravnica?

There are a group of different races from all the parts of the world of Ravnica that have arrived in Unearthed Arcana: loxodons, Simic hybrids, vedalken, and viashino.

Who Is on The Cover of Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica?

Magali Villeneuve is on the cover of the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. She is a famous artist and fantasy author that has experience working with Magic: the Gathering, A Game of Thrones, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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